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K.Will (케이윌) - Please Don't... [Hangul + Romanization + English]

Album: The 3rd Album Part 1
Song: Please Don't...
Artist: K.Will
Released: October 11, 2012

Naranhi anjeun jadongcha sogeseon
Eumakdo heureuji anha
Neul japgo itdeon ni oensoneuro neo
Ibsulman tteutgo isseo

Niga hal mal ara geu malmaneun mara
Don’'t know why don’'t know why
Ilbun ilcho deo kkeulgo sipeunde
Teong bin gil nareul jaechokhae

Bingbing doraon neoui jip api na
Iksukhae nunmuri nawa
Haruga meolge chajaon yeogiseo
Gireul naega irheun geot gata

Ireojima jebal tteonajima jebal
Don'’t know why don'’t know why
Bido an oneun yurichang neomeo
Ppuyeoke meoreojineun neo

Malcheoreom swipjin anheun neol bonaeya handaneun il
Doraseoseo nal beorigo ganeun neol boji mothago tteolgugo maneun
Nunmuldo ijen dakkayagetji jumeoni sok niga jwotdeon sonsugeoneul sseoya hal ji ijen beoryeoya halji
Wae tteollimi meomchujil anchi

Michincheokhago neol jaba boryeo haedo
Nae momi nae mareul jal deutjireul anha
Cha ane nameun ni hyanggie chwihae
Yeongyeong kkaego sipji anheungeol

Ireojima jebal (Jebal) Tteonajima jebal(Jebal)
Dorawa (Dorawa) Dorawa (Dorawa)
Niga tteonagan binjari wien
Chagaun hyanggiman nama

Ireojima jebal tteonajima jebal
Dorawa (Dorawa) Dorawa (Dorawa)
Nameun hyanggiman ango isseulge
Dorawa ni jariro


We sit next to each other in the car
But there is no music
I always held your left hand
But now you’re picking at your lips

I know what you’re going to say, please don’t say it
Don’t know why, don’t know why
I want to draw out each minute, each second
But the empty road rushes me on

After going round and round, I arrive at your house
It’s so familiar and tears fall
After spending a long day finding this place
I feel like I am lost

Please don’t, please don’t leave
Don’t know why, don’t know why
It’s not even raining but outside the window
You grow white and farther apart

Letting you go is not as easy as it sounds
I turn away, not being able to see you leave me
Tears eventually drop and I need to wipe them away now, I don’t know whether I should use the handkerchief you gave me or throw it away
Why won’t this trembling go away?

I pretend to be crazy and hold onto you
My body won’t listen to me
Intoxicated with the scent of you in the car
I don’t want to wake up forever

Please don’t (Please) Don’t leave please (Please)
Come back (Come back) Come back (Come back)
On top of the empty seat you left
Only your cold scent remains

Please don’t, please don’t leave
Come back (Come back) Come back (Come back)
I will hold onto the remaining scent
So come back to your place


나란히 앉은 자동차 속에선
음악도 흐르지 않아
늘 잡고 있던 니 왼손으로 너
입술만 뜯고 있어

니가 할 말 알아 그 말만은 말아
Don’t know why don’t know why
일분 일초 더 끌고 싶은데
텅 빈 길 나를 재촉해

빙빙 돌아온 너의 집 앞이 나
익숙해 눈물이 나와
하루가 멀게 찾아온 여기서
길을 내가 잃은 것 같아

이러지마 제발 떠나지마 제발
Don’t know why don’t know why
비도 안 오는 유리창 넘어
뿌옇게 멀어지는 너

말처럼 쉽진 않은 널 보내야 한다는 일
돌아서서 날 버리고 가는 널 보지 못하고 떨구고 마는
눈물도 이젠 닦아야겠지 주머니 속 니가 줬던 손수건을 써야 할 지 이젠 버려야 할지
왜 떨림이 멈추질 않지

미친척하고 널 잡아 보려 해도
내 몸이 내 말을 잘 듣지를 않아
차 안에 남은 니 향기에 취해
영영 깨고 싶지 않은걸

이러지마 제발 (제발) 떠나지마 제발 (제발)
돌아와 (돌아와) 돌아와 (돌아와)
니가 떠나간 빈자리 위엔
차가운 향기만 남아

이러지마 제발 떠나지마 제발
돌아와(돌아와) 돌아와(돌아와)
남은 향기만 안고 있을게
돌아와 니 자리로

Credit: Daum and Kpoplyrics

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